Tap Into Your Creative Side

Art; it’s a beautiful part of life that reveals itself in any form of self expression.

I find art in almost anything, it’s who I am, creativity running through my veins as a part of me. Any given moment, someone’s or even sometimes my own personal creative perspective can leave my mind swirling, eyes wide open, jaw dropped. I love that the smallest noise, scent, taste and sight could inspire the most amazing things.

My own personal opinion, art isn’t just painting or drawing. It’s looking at something, getting inspired and using the only two tools you need, your mind and hands, to create what ever the hell you want. Drawing, painting, photography, writing, building, it’s all expressing your creative dreams. I’ve always been into creating anything, ever since I was little. When I was younger and spent a couple hours with my grandparents, I’d get these two huge bags of scrap paper, boxes, anything (all that my grandparents had collected for me) and my granddad and I would just go to town. Normally, we’d build robots, using cereal boxes as the head and body, toilet rolls for the legs and then paint over the top of them to create the final finished piece.

I also used to write a lot of short stories, not just in my English classes but in my spare time too. If I had even a remote resemblance of a good idea, off I went writing about it. I look back on my work from when I was 11, and yes my spelling is bad as it normally would be for year an 11 year old, but I had the same creative outlook and imagination as I do now. Something I never want to lose.

I find a lot of relieve in writing, when my heads swarming and I can’t think straight, writing how I feel and expressing myself through words of any kind helps tremendously. I find writing and describing every little detail to the point of over doing it sometimes, to just give me a short break, helps a great deal. However, there are times no words can describe what I have envisioned, and the only way to get out what’s in my head, whether an idea or a thought that’s been bothering me, is to draw.

Drawing, another passion of mine, if not the biggest. I love drawing, I love the fact my hands can make what I see. It puts me into a relaxing trance almost, the only thing scrambling in my mind is the question of whether I got that line right. I used to attend art classes at my now college when I was younger, they had a group every Saturday morning. They didn’t necessarily teach you how to draw better, or better your technique of lines and structure, but more of exploring different styles of art, opening that imaginary arty looking door featured inside your head. I went for several years, I loved it. I never wanted to stop.

I want to start sculptures almost, creating furniture or animals/people from old car and motorcycle parts, introducing two passions to each other. My dad’s going to help me, I have so many ideas swirling around. I also want to write a book, I love reading, writing, drawing, imagining, I love the idea and the work process it involves. The commitment and dedication, passion. Smash booking and journaling is something I have recently been exploring. I can include my photography, writing, drawings, painting and collaging work into one and create whatever I see fit. No one else has to see and it doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s the beauty of it. It can be perfectly imperfect to me and only me.

There is just so much I genuinely want to just sit there and do, spending hours upon hours putting my whole heart and soul into it. All my drawing, writing, creating, painting, it’s almost like my own personal type of therapy as well as passion. When I’m creating, nothing else matters, just the thoughts in my head. It’s kept me sane to say the least, well as sane as one can be. I hope in several years time, I can look at my work and see how much I’ve improved and be proud of what I hopefully have accomplished.