Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Once again, nothing really went as planned. This year, 2017, I have laughed, cried and loved my family through everything. Now, 2017 is coming to an end, it’s time to recap on the year I’ve had.

2017 started off with a bang as the fire works lit the sky and showered down with dancing colours, as usual. So, what’s happened this year?

In no particular order, you’re about to read.

This year hasn’t been a ‘bad’ year, nor a ‘good’ year. It’s been another year of making incredible memories with my family and loved ones while learning everyday how to manage the crazy thing we call life. I’ve cried, we all have, but boy have we laughed too. Laughter is the best medicine in my very professional, wise and teenage opinion.

This year we spent two weeks in Kos, a beautiful island off Greece, oozing with culture and Greek traditions. We toured the island in a rented car and feared for our lives the majority of the time we were on the road, while looking at the beautiful landscapes and rich culture that thrived through the island. We drove up the biggest hill we could find and took mountains of photographs capturing our time there. I also had my feet sucked by little fish, weird but oddly soothing.

The holiday was amazing, half of it spent exploring, the other lounging by the pool and consuming as much alcohol as possible. I loved every moment and would suffer the flight there and back in a heart beat to go again.

This year, I finished my Media course and left that well behind me and all the mess it caused. I greeted a fresh year of college with open arms and now I’m doing my Maths and English GCSE’s in hope of doing my English A-levels next year. Unfortunate circumstances meant I missed them at school, so I’m doing them for the very first time at College (GCSEs).

I started this blog too, in hope of spreading awareness but also in hope of developing and improving my English skills for my desired future job as an Author or Writer. I have messed about with this site constantly, incorporated social media into it, and shared my life as a chronic illness fighter and a teenager, in hope of inspiring others or at least informing the healthy community around me on my and others illnesses.

I started working for my Dad this year, designing and piecing together a leaflet for his business. I later did some work for my Mum too and her charity, both of which I’ll be carrying on after the new year. To finally have a job and an income, and to earn some money and independence has been great, truly. I bought my family Christmas presents with my own money which I haven’t been able to do in the past, as having a job and having the worlds most unreliable body don’t work well together.

I turned 17 and was gifted a brand new Toyota Aygo was the best thing, past imagination. I love it soooooo much, Drogo/n (my car’s name) is cute, small and warms up within minutes. I have a wonderful family and I’m incredibly grateful for everything. I also started driving lessons and my driving test is around January, February time! I honestly cannot wait. Again, the independence driving will bring me is amazing but learning to drive with different members of my family has been one of my year’s highlights.

Going a little off topic from driving, I also set up a Facebook business page called ‘Mad Designs’ this year, in which I now have my first client. I am currently designing a logo which will be used on her shirts, cars, hats and business cards, representing her amazing company.

We are now further along with my illnesses and professional care thanks to one of the best Dr’s in the country and my wonderful parents. Everything is looking good with his care plan so hopefully this will be the start of a limited POTS symptom free year!

There have truly been so many wonderful memories this year, with every laugh and smile mentally captured along the way. Not everything about this year has been smile worthy, however. We lost a wonderful friend and horsey of ours, Bob. I knew him my entire life and my family and I carried on caring for him when his amazing owner and our beloved, and truly wonderful friend died 4, nearly 5 years ago. I hope you’re both happy to be seeing each other again, although we miss you tremendously.

Earlier this year I was told I have Alopecia Areata after a clump of my hair on top of my fell out and continued to spread and grow over the period of 5 months. Not a brilliant time for me, or us, and having yet another thing go wrong was difficult to face. Half the time I feel like I look ill and sickly pale but the huge egg shaped patch of non existent hair perched on top of my head only added to the original feeling.

I flared badly earlier this year, and still haven’t recovered from it so this again has been something I have had to deal with daily but I’m learning with every good and bad day.

My mum is working hard, and looking after everyone as usual, the glue that holds us all together, while dealing with her hands remarkably well, even if it doesn’t feel like that to her. Dad’s company is running well, I hope he’s pleased with it and his work. He also made mum the best Christmas present ever, so he now owns the best present giver title this year. My brother, Lewis, has settled into his new high school really well and has made a tonne of new friends. His drumming is getting better and better too, I’m hoping he sticks to it, he’s a natural and everyone knows it.

Although not everything was a positive experience, I learned yet again, family is everything and family can get you through anything. I’ve lost friends and made friends, but through all the good and bad of this year, my family have been there to share memories with every single day. I wasn’t expecting a smooth ride this year, and smooth it hasn’t been, but I’m ready for 2018 and the life long living memories I’ll create with my loved ones, family,  friends (the old and the new) and whatever else we’ll explore and experience together, this year, the next and for the many to come. Happy New Year!




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