Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I love Christmas but normally struggle to feel Christmassy when the merry time of year approaches. For some reason or other, the weather seem to alter my perspective of Christmas. Long story short, when its miserable outside, I don’t feel very Christmassy.

Lucky for me and the many people currently in the UK, it began snowing two days ago and hasn’t stopped since. It’s safe to say, I’m in love with the white sheets that cover the outdoors from head to toe.

Xmas 1

Well now I’m feeling very Christmassy, even if we aren’t there completely yet. I already took it upon myself to start early with the winter like habits. Christmas films have been none stop since the 1st November, hot chocolates on the increase constantly and even the dΓ©cor and tree has been up since around the 1st. The snow is the icing on the cake for me, just too top it all off and to add to the Christmas Spirit.

Xmas 4

I had a great time making a 10 foot snowman in the front garden with my brother today, which then furthered into a snowball fight with the neighbours. It’s still snowing now, and it hasn’t stopped all day so hopefully the snow will be even thicker when I wake up tomorrow.


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