Easy P.O.T.S Friendly Hairstyles

POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, is something I have carried with me for the past 3 years. Like mentioned before in previous posts, POTS is one of my most debilitating illnesses.

Asides from being dizzy all the time and passing out whenever my lil ol’ body thinks best, POTS affects every single aspect of my entire life. Something I started struggling with when my POTS worsened, is putting my arms above my head. In case you didn’t know, people with the condition have awful body circulation and basically nothing works the way it should. When I, and many others, attempt to put our arms above heart level, it starts to feel like the blood is draining from our arms. I think it’s safe for me to say it hurts quite a bit and most the time your arms start to cramp and ache; all of which is on top of the palpitations and dizziness.

Making myself feel better on pain stricken days normally means trying to look as okay as possible without further hurting myself. Doing your hair comes with it’s own personal set of challenges, so I came up with a few, fairly easy hairstyles which don’t worsen your POTS/pain.

Disclaimer: My hair doesn’t look the best as my health has beaten it to an inch of it’s life. The weird colour in my hair is old dye, something I have had to stop due to a previous diagnosis. I also have a shaved side, however all these hairstyles work with normal haircuts.Β 

Β Half down, half up.

Hair style 3

  1. Section the part you want tied up in the bobble, I tend to part it just above my ears.
  2. Using whatever’s easiest, tie up your hair.
  3. Loosen off the bobble, by wiggling your hair about. If it’s easier to do so, put your fingers underneath your hair at the front and pull up slightly.
  4. Pull down any cute baby hairs around your face for a more relaxed, casual look.

This is my go-to hair style for most days. It’s simple and easy to do but also very quick, minimising the time my arms are spent in the air.

Half bun, half down.Β 

Hair style 1

This is fairly similar to the ‘half down, half up’ as you can see.

  1. Section the part you want tied up in a small bun, I tend to part it just above my ears like before.
  2. Go to tie your hair (the bit you parted) up. This time, don’t pull your hair all the way through. Depending on how big you want the bun depends on how much hair you pull through.
  3. Loosen the bobble if preferred.
  4. Again, pull down any baby hairs or strands around your face.

If you prefer to do so, try different sorts of buns. I do mine this way because it takes less time, meaning its less painful. However if you can manage, try swirling your hair around itself and then tie it at the base.

Twisted sides, half up, half down.

hairstyle 4

I switched over to my mum’s beautiful hair as I cant do this hairstyle on myself with a shaved side.

  1. On each side, find a chunk of hair above you ear. Thickness of your hair chunks is all down to personal preference.
  2. Begin twisting the hair till you get half way down.
  3. Bring both twisted bits of your hair together and join them with whatever you feel is easiest and least time consuming. You can use a clip or a bobble.
  4. Pull out any extra hairs around your face to soften the look if desired so.

Sticking to the same level of easiness, but adding a cute spin to a simple hairstyle.

Messy side plait.

hairstyle 5

Something a little different, but maybe even easier. I’m using my mums hair again as my hair isn’t long enough for this cute hairstyle.

  1. Bring all your hair to the preferred side, make sure its brushed and smooth.
  2. Start plaiting wherever you desire. You could start right behind the ear or leave some baggy hair and start slightly further down.
  3. Finish off with a hair bobble.
  4. Loosen your plait by pulling at the hair. You can also put your fingers in-between the braid and pull outwards.
  5. Pull some baby hairs down from your face to add to the casual look.

I don’t do this style personally now I have a lot of hair chopped off, however I think this one is a great one to do. Your arms aren’t up in the air, so the extra time spent on your hair isn’t painful. You can also switch and experiment with different types of plaits.













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