Kos family holiday

Yesterday I landed back home on the runway of our closest airport, greeted by drizzle and a cluster of grey clouds. I don’t want to point out the obvious or anything, but it was a little bit of a shock to the old system switching from 47 degrees to 16.

My family and I spent 2 weeks on the Greek Island of Koz. A beautiful place surrounded by idiotic drivers, a few cows and a whole lot of culture. The island is something like 35 miles long, which if you needed to know can be covered in less than a day, two days if you want to stop and look around. On the days where the view was as clear as a crystal itself, you could see the surrounding islands, and Turkey.

I have to say, before we landed I was dreading the heat. My POTS and heat? A big no no. However, although I struggled a little to start of with, the constant supply of ice cold ice-cream and 4 meters depth worth of swimming pool, I settled in pretty quickly.

I had a rather busy week before hand, so all we really did for the first week was expose our pale, blotchy bodies to the fury of the sun. I think this year, we all managed to get away pretty easily sun burn wise. Last year I turned into a human reptile, the first and the only. If I remember correctly, my shoulders turned to what I can only describe as lava seeping through the cracked floor of an abandoned road. What was once smooth but colourless skin turned to burnt toast. The burnt toast hurt.

In the evenings, through the whole two weeks, we parked ourselves in the line of the breeze, but not too far away from the bartender. We made friends with the bartender, my dad especially. After the first couple days, the cocktail ‘sex on the beach’ became an ongoing joke, and what started off a small, slither of a portion of whiskey, turned into near enough the whole damn glass being filled. We actually made friends with a lot of the staff which was nice. They also did night shows which were so well put together and thought out, you couldn’t help but love every second of the animation team’s nightly laugh.

The second week of our trip, we spent two days in a rented car and one day in the main town after getting a taxi. The old town was beautiful, some parts just designed for tourism but others just blooming with rich culture. The bar we stopped at for drinks down this small road was sheltered by a huge over growth of olive vines, or at least I think. The whole over growth joined from tree to tree, wrapped itself around the leg of the bar and continued onto the roofs of other nearby shops. It was a really beautiful and peaceful place. Not to mention the home made lemonade was to die for.

The first day of renting a car more or less consisted of going down pot holes, going up dodgy roads and coming across some rather strange places. Eventually, we headed up the hills, where the rocks kissed the sky, and found ourselves a pretty little village called Zia. The views from one end looked very much like the rest of the island, turn around and the hills look home grown from Canada. We visited some other places, suggested by the locals but Zia was one of my favourite places. I also stuck my feet in tank full of skin eating fish, which was weird. My feet are now very soft though, I must say.

The second day with the little car, we headed back up Zia for one last look, got some gifts for our loved ones back home and then made our way to the water park. We had also gone to the old town again to look around that very morning.  The water park was great, my brother and I had a great time. The steps up to the slidesnnearly put me in a early grave, but we both had huge grins smacked across our faces as we came soaring down each individual slide.

The last day of our trip, was again one of my favourites. We got up, made our way to the dining hall, had breakfast then followed the path down to the beach. My brother and I were spoiled rotten once again, and took part in the extreme water sport ‘parascending’. My god was it bloody brilliant. I’m an adrenaline junkie and all but the views of the island was enough to thrill the damn queen. Of course, being hung 200+ feet in the air, strapped to a parachute while being towed by a speed boat was rather thrilling too. Who would of guessed.

I think we all had a great time. Personally, it wasn’t about where we were going although it was really amazing but who I was with. It was nice to spend so much time with my family and share even more experiences with them. Although I’m not missing the heat what so ever, I would love to do it all over again. Koz Shot

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