Sugar Fuelled Day

Yesterday was a busy day, to say the least. I had to attend another college meeting about my next year at college, as I’m unable to keep up with a level 3 course and 2 GCSE’s along side it. In simple turns, if I tried, I would crash and I would burn.

This year at college has been hard enough, a lot of challenges to overcome but all which has added to my overall determination. The plan is to do my English and Math’s GCSE’s, achieve the best possible grade and try and catch up. Long story short, I’m 3 years behind where I should be. A couple reasons for that being my sorry excuse for a functioning body, and my high school denying me my entitled home tuition time.

Despite being at home, I achieved a B and a C in my Science GCSE, and a Distinction** in my B-Tec Art and Design. This year at college, I managed to get my English functional skills, hopefully fingers crossed a Merit in my Level 2 Digital Media course and I’m working on my Maths functional skills as we speak. Even if it is a bit of a ball ache.

Anyway, after a very long chat with some staff members from college and noticing her wonky eyeliner dragged across her eyelids, we managed to get the help we wanted and a goal in reach. Nothings set in stone, as what we want if above the college, but I have a feeling for once it’ll go our way.

I’ve had an extremely busy week, well two weeks, with college and constant trips to a hospital 3 hours away for some fairly unpleasant tests, so as you can imagine I was fairly drained of energy. How can I get a short but much needed energy boost you ask? SUGAR. Mama took me to a place called Oatcakes and Milkshakes, our first time there actually. Now when I say these milkshakes are monster sized, I mean you could feed a whole country with just the damn toppings.

I had a Unicorn something, I cant remember exactly what it was called. However, it was pretty much made with a dash of unicorn dust, a can of cream, a handful of sugary sweets, a fountain of bubble gum flavoured drink and a huge spikey multi-coloured lolly sticking out the top. My thoughts; a unicorn pooped in my cup. My mama had a banana split monster milkshake, I’m not entirely sure what flavoured milkshake it was, whatever it was it was certainly a dance for my taste buds. The jar was covered in hard dripped chocolate, a banana placed under a mountain of cream, a few glazed cherries on top, finished with a splash of some sort of yellow sauce. Safe to say my mum enjoyed hers as much as I enjoyed mine. Thanks Ma!

After a sugar high, we ended up visiting my Grandma and Grandad which was nice, I don’t seem to see them too much at the moment. College and various other things have been getting in the way, so it was really nice to catch up and watch my mum get a little stress break talking to them.

I think I mentioned earlier, I had a rather busy week. Well, all honestly I’m surprised I’m alive. I’m surprised I’m even functioning to be honest, but here I am just about hanging on. Homework is coming out my ears and even when I think I’m done with college, the work still piles up. It wont matter too soon anyhow, we’re off on holidays abroad Sunday. All I have to stress about then is the flavour of my ice cream.

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