Societies New Trend

Typically you could say my mind set has many different levels, changing constantly as time passes and my views on life as we know it differ from situation to situation. I haven’t always been the most positive person and I’m still not now, but I have learnt from being put in different situations that moaning about how bad your life is does nothing. So what really gets under my skin is the general population taking things that really should be treasured and held dear, if not for one reason then another, for granted and moaning about just how sucky it is.

Now, I understand people go through different experiences that build up ones character and inner self making them a stronger person at the end of it all in some shape or form, I understand that. I also understand that people have different opinions because of what they’ve been through. However, it really frustrates me that even when someone has so many things they take granted everyday, they some how find something to pin point and moan about. For example, school. School is not a good experience for most kids, many bullied or suffering from some form of anxiety. I understand that and how it could effect you personally in a different way to another, but what I don’t understand is the fact many often just over look what they gain from school and how they really should appreciate what being in education and a school environment can do for them.

I may be slightly biased, but I honestly think kids who are given the opportunity to go to school and strive from the education given to them should be thankful for that. I myself, was pulled out of school as I became too sick to even leave my bed, so I spent every waking moment of the next year, jealous of the people who took such a simple privilege for granted. It makes me laugh, it really does.  I often tried to get close to people I didn’t really know or hadn’t met but who were friends of ‘friends’, in hope of finding a friend. Someone that would stick around for once. We’d get talking, things would be going fine and they’d ask why I’m always at home. When I got round to answering them, their response was always ‘You’re lucky, I wish I could not do anything all day. School sucks.’ Right then and there, I remembered being filled with this anger and frustration bubbling through my every last vein, that often came out in the form of tears as they had no idea how lucky THEY were.

Again, I’m not saying school is something that everyone is able to gently fly through. Bullying sucks, I know that from experience. At the time, nothing else could possibly be worse. And yes, it needs to stop. So I understand many people have different stories to share that make them up as a person, but I also think, no matter how bad things get, you should always try and hold onto something that gives you hope, something you should be grateful for.

Sometimes I could down right slap someone for saying ‘you could have cancer, you could be poor, you could have to walk for your water every day! Count yourself lucky!’ As much as yes, I could be in a situation where all of those things are happening to me, I could also be healthy. I could have that one person who got taken away too soon with me, I could have the freedom of waking up every day not thinking about the consequences for the days ahead, I could wake up pain free, not fatigued, with my friends enjoying life rather than spending every second of the day thinking about an incredibly foggy future. In many way’s I could be significantly better and worse, and no it’s not fair but what is?

My point is, don’t let people make you feel bad for finding a situation you’re in, difficult but at the same time, count your blessings and be thankful for what you do have. People will always have it worse and better than you, always. And for a long time, I could only see the bad side of things and I didn’t like how that changed me, twisted me into a person I didn’t want to be. Like a wet towel, twisted to rid of any water soaked up in the soft clean fabric, I started to rid the people I loved around me, of happiness. I hated it, so I got up and changed my stinking attitude. I just wish people thought about the every day stuff instead of automatically taking it for granted contributing to the trend among society.

I really hope this doesn’t offend anyone, I simply wish from time to time, everyone was grateful for what they do have rather than focusing on what they don’t have. I’m not saying don’t get upset or mad at the world for what it’s putting you through, it’s okay to cry, and to stumble. But once you’re done, dust yourself off, wipe away those tears and kick some ass. Keep going and never give up, even when learning to dance through the shit storm that is life.

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