The Small Things

Something as simple as a well made cup of herbal tea can really bring a smile to my face. Drawings on the window after a shower, letters written by loved ones and the smallest gestures done out of kindness. They’re something that warms the soul. I like the little things in life, the simple things you could say. Dream catches and flowers, hugs too. The really long ones where you don’t want to ever pull away, where it’s as if you’re one with that person. Even if it is for only a few minutes.

Over the last couple of years, specially after I got a little older while being ill, I began noticing all these little things that I can’t even believe I missed. I saw them, I glanced at them but I never actually looked at them. I kind of gained a new perspective of life, which might sound like complete none sense coming from a 16 year old but it’s true. I was so focused on growing up or stupid things like boys that I never actually realised the little miracles and treasures we take for granted each and every day. For example, I have a new appreciation for the wind. I don’t know why but I just enjoy a gentle breeze and the way it makes the flowers sway. It makes me happy.

Automatically, when you’re stuck at home being the sick kid, you have a lot of time to think and think I did. I had so much taken away from me so quickly, after a while I learned  to appreciate what I still had. I could still enjoy a triple chocolate ice-cream on a waffle cone and I could still embrace the simple act of enjoying music.

Speaking of music, it’s now a huge part of my life. It’s safe to say, how ever cliché it may be, I would not have gotten through what life handed me without it successfully. On my darkest days, I plugged my head phones into my IPod, stuck a ear bud in each ear, pulled my hood over my head and sat and listened. It was kind of an escape from real life, a distraction but also motivation to do something. I have my Dad to thank for that. If he hadn’t of introduced the good old stuff to me, I can easily say from the bottom of my heart that my journey, although tough, would not of happened the way it did.

So next time you’re eating an ice-cream, hugging someone you love or listening to the rain fall on your roof at night, embrace it, enjoy it and appreciate the simple things. It’s something I learned that made things easier while learning to dance in the rain.


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